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Utopia’s automated content moderation software is used to automatically moderate classified ads and buyer to seller messages on online marketplaces. Utopia AI Moderator works in any language, speeding up publishing of the ads, increasing quality and reducing costs. It learns the customer’s publishing policies as well as local culture, customs and legislative restrictions from the customer’s data, i.e. previous human-moderated ads and messages without the need for manual rules.

Utopia’s automated text and image moderation tool does it all:

  1. Works in real-time in any language.
  2. Delivers better quality than a group of humans.
  3. SaaS ready for use in two weeks.
  4. Has built-in fraud and duplicate detection.
  5. Learns customer’s publishing policy from their data.
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Special Offer for Attendees of the European Virtual Property Portal Watch 2020

1. Utopia builds a tailor-made moderation model based on customer’s data.

2. The marketplace integrates to Utopia API. Integration takes 1-2 days.

3. Service is ready for use in two weeks. The marketplace pilots the service in its real environment free of charge for 1 month.

Offer valid until end July 2020 for three selected marketplaces

Interview with Mari-Sanna Paukkeri, CEO of Utopia Analytics – AI Improving User Generated Content

AI Improving User Generated Content

Utopia Analytics specializes in helping portals, classifieds sites, and marketplaces around the world improve the quality of their user-generated content – either from advertisers or from consumers engaging with listings.

Mari-Sanna Paukkeri is the CEO of Utopia Analytics and in the is vodcast she discusses how they use AI to improve the user-generated text, image, and video content.

Link: www.utopiaanalytics.com

Learn why Adevinta Hungary’s classified marketplace Jofogas chose Utopia AI Moderator

AI Improving Moderation on Marketplaces

When it comes to AI on marketplaces the right software is Key! Gabor Reszler from Adevinta Hungary Jofogas explains about how Utopia Analytics has helped to reduce the moderation process from hours to seconds or minutes.

Link: www.utopiaanalytics.com

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