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matelso is one of the global call tracking key players.

Customers from the classified/marketplaces industry have been relying on matelso for more than 10 years.

matelso’s own development and the mature and secure telecommunications technology set
it apart from the market. The company’s products and solutions are tailored as closely as
possible to the needs and benefits of the customer.

We offer you the 1:1 link between online campaigns and phone conversions. Because
anyone who wants to evaluate digital advertising campaigns must be able to record offline
conversions – including calls.

This requires the combination of call tracking and web analysis. Our call tracking technology closes this media gap when the website visitor becomes a caller.


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Interview with Frank Froux (CEO) and Alexander Borsig (Head of Sales) from Matelso – Capturing Value from Call Tracking

Capturing Value from Call Tracking

Matelso is a provider of call tracking technology. In this interview, Simon Baker from the Online Marketplaces Group discusses the future of call tracking with Frank Froux (CEO) and Alexander Borsig (Head of Sales) from Matelso.


Call Tracking for Portals & Marketplaces – A software provided to your business from malteso GmbH

Call Tracking for Portals & Marketplaces

What benefit can you expect?

  • 20 percent lower churn rate of your sellers due to your branding in every phone call and the proof of all leads through your platform.
  • Innovative new ways of monetization, offer your seller additional products that make their work easier
  • More success for the seller through support in controlling and lead management
  • You have the possibility to give him the feeling that he has to sell with you in any case to be successful

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