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Marketplace, directory, and classifieds companies around the world turn to iovox for call tracking solutions. With plenty of competition in the industry, what makes iovox consistently come out on top? The answer is simple; the flexibility of the iovox platform and API. 

For forward looking companies that want to demonstrate value to customers, generate more leads or analyze conversations for trends, iovox is the right call. With multichannel capabilities, iovox customers get real time insights on every call, SMS, email or chat. Accessible via mobile app, online portal, or integrated into current workflows through our flexible API. Why settle for ordinary call tracking when you can get so much more from iovox? 

Special Offer from iovoxExclusive For Attendees of The Property Portal Watch Conference VIRTUAL EDITION

  • $25,000 in service credits; $5,000 each for the first 5 clients that sign up to new contracts.
  • Minimum contract term 12 months and $2K/month
  • Offer ends December 31, 2020

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Interview with Ryan Gallagher, CEO of IOVOX and Scott Holmes, Innovation and Strategy Manager at REA Group  – Call Tracking at the REA Grpoup

Call Tracking at the REA Grpoup

The REA Group has started to implement IOVOX’s call tracking technology for its new developments.

In this interview, Simon Baker from the Online Marketplaces Group chats with IOVOX’s CEO, Ryan Gallagher and REA Group’s Head of Strategy and Innovation, Scott Holmes about how they have implemented the call tracking solution and the results they are having.


Case Study – How Zoopla increased speed, efficiency and service delivery with call tracking and analytics from iovox

Call Tracking for Google Analytics

Iovox Call Tracking and management solutions provide useful data and analytics to businesses around the world.

Many of our customers use their own statistical monitoring tools and request integrating iovox phone calls with their own systems. It is possible to import all the data we provide via the iovox APIs into any information system you may be using, but we also offer a simple, efficient and real-time integration for third party software systems such as Google Analytics.

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