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Bored browser or motivated buyer? 

In this era of COVID-19 we’ve all become more familiar with medical terms like contract tracing, community spread, and false positives. Did you know the concept of ‘false positives’ is also applicable to your business? What data are you using to project your recovery? A phone call tells the story.


A leader in global call tracking in automotive, real estate, jobs, and directory services, among other industries, iovox has built an outstanding reputation as an innovative provider of actionable call data that helps our customers make informed decisions based on facts.  At iovox, we can show you how to eliminate false positives from your business decision making process and get to the truth about buyer intent through call data. Using real call data, we will also be sharing through presentations and interviews what we’re learning about the global COVID-19 recovery by region and industry. We welcome the opportunity to consult with you to help your business navigate this recovery while relying on relevant facts to guide your decision making.

Special Offer from iovoxExclusive For Attendees of Webinar Episode 5 and The Global Online Marketplaces Summit VIRTUAL EDITION

Special Call Tracking Offer from iovox

$50,000 in service credits; $10,000 each for the first 5 clients that sign up to new contracts.

Minimum contract term 12 months and $2K/month

Offer ends July 31, 2020

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Interview with Ryan Gallagher, CEO of IOVOX – The Power of Call Tracking Technology in a CoVid-19 World

The Power of Call Tracking Technology in a CoVid-19 World

Simon Baker chatted with Ryan Gallagher, the CEO of IOVOX, about their call tracking technology and how it is being used by marketplaces and classifieds around the world. In particular, they discussed how IOVOX is getting the most out of call tracking technology and how the leads being generated are high quality and actionable.


Case Study – How Zoopla increased speed, efficiency and service delivery with call tracking and analytics from iovox

Call Tracking for Google Analytics

Iovox Call Tracking and management solutions provide useful data and analytics to businesses around the world.

Many of our customers use their own statistical monitoring tools and request integrating iovox phone calls with their own systems. It is possible to import all the data we provide via the iovox APIs into any information system you may be using, but we also offer a simple, efficient and real-time integration for third party software systems such as Google Analytics.

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