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Fortumo provides classifieds portals with frictionless mobile payments. Classifieds portals can identify & charge users through their SIM card, the most widely available digital identity.

Fortumo reaches 3 billion consumers in 80 countries and gives classifieds portals the tools to get rid of friction in their checkout flow. Fortumo’s platform is used by leading digital merchants including OLX, Schibsted, Google, Amazon and Spotify.

To learn more, please visit Fortumo’s website.

Special Offer from FortumoExclusive For Attendees of Webinar Episode 5

Special Offer from Fortumo

Payment volumes for carrier billing grow in the range of 40% in Western Europe, CEE and Asia during 2019. 

This is what other digital service providers are seeing, how fast is your growth? If it’s lower than that, perhaps carrier billing is worth considering.

Request our global market report which provides a complete high level overview and in addition a free 15-minute consulting call to walk you through your specific market, explain what other merchants are using carrier billing there, what the consumer behavior looks like, and how telco partnerships in the market look like.

For country-level data find here an example country.

OLX Case Study – Carrier Billing for Classifieds

This case study looks at how the leading marketplaces and trading platforms provider OLX Group launched direct carrier billing with Fortumo for its online classifieds portal in Poland.

Carrier billing allows consumers in Poland to pay for OLX services including highlighted ads and personalized pages by charging payments to their phone bill.

Using Fortumo’s Hosted DCB solution means minimal need to invest time into development for OLX, an increase in the number of users paying for its services and capability to roll out carrier billing internationally.

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