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Arkose Labs bankrupts the business model of fraud. Recognized by Gartner as a 2020 Cool Vendor, its innovative approach determines true user intent and remediates attacks in real-time. Risk assessments combined with interactive authentication challenges undermine the ROI behind attacks, providing long-term protection while improving good customer throughput. Founded in Brisbane Australia, and backed by Microsoft and PayPal, Arkose Labs is trusted by the world’s largest brands to protect their customer journey while delivering unrivaled user experiences.

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Interview with Kevin Gosschalk, CEO Arkose Labs – How Marketplaces can Reduce Fraud and Threats

How Marketplaces can Reduce Fraud and Threats

Portals and marketplaces around the world are subject to ongoing fraud and threats from “bad actors” – whether they are bots or human in nature.

Arkose Labs from the US works with sites around the world to identify good traffic from bad traffic and then implement a strategy to protect sites from these bad actors.

Arkose Labs CEO, Kevin Gosschalk chatted with Simon Baker from the Online Marketplaces Group about what they do, how they are helping marketplaces around the world, and what the future of threat and fraud protection looks like.


Who is Arkose Labs?

Arkose Labs bankrupts the business model of fraud.  Backed by PayPal and Microsoft, the world’s largest companies trust Arkose Labs to protect them from online fraud and abuse.

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