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Who we are

Apiwork™ is a Software Editor Company specialised in real estate, we also create websites with Web 2.0-technology. Our key customers are in real state and entertainment industries all across Europe, Asia, North Africa and the Middle East.

We never lose sight of the essential: your problem.
A website is not a goal but an instrument in the service of the organization. The new culture of Web 2.0, that shapes our vision and our way of working, puts the Internet as a tool role in the creation of value.

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Special Offer from iovoxExclusive For Attendees of The Property Portal Watch Conference VIRTUAL EDITION

Special Call Tracking Offer from iovox

$50,000 in service credits; $10,000 each for the first 5 clients that sign up to new contracts.

Minimum contract term 12 months and $2K/month

Offer ends October 31, 2020

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Interview with Nicolas Guillaud, CEO of apimo – How CRM can improve Portal Profability

Software Editor Company specialised in real estate

Real estate CRM systems are being more and more important. They provide the interface between the agent and the digital world controlling everything from the digitization of the listings, through syndication of the listings to property portals, lead management and matching of buyers and sellers.

APIMO is a leading French based CRM provider with global operations. They are helping property portals around the world to implement low-cost CRM systems and, in doing so, get closer to their customers. The overall objective is to allow the portal and marketplace to increase their overall ARPA – average revenue per advertiser (or agent).

In this interview, Nicolas Guillaud, the CEO of APIMO, discusses what they do, the markets the operate in, and how they can work with property portals around the world.

Links: https://apimo.net/en/

apimo™ – 100% web -> user-friendly CRM software


With thousands of daily users in the real estate industry, apimo™ offers a 100% web CRM software. apimo™ is user-friendly with a very complete interface available in more than 25 languages.

Try our CRM software now and discover all the apimo™ features for free!

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