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Portal Ventures helps marketplaces leverage cutting edge organic search strategies similar to vertical search aggregators.

The strategies are a game-changer for marketplaces, delivering the best leads to your customers or internal sales team, and allowing you to dominate your competition.

You can’t build, sustain, and grow a marketplace on paid acquisition channels alone.

We help online marketplaces generate revenue through effective and scalable search engine optimisation strategies.

We only work with one marketplace in market & vertical ensuring that you have a complete competitive advantage in your market.

As part of the Property Portal Watch conferences this year, we’re opening a limited number of free strategy sessions to discuss how you can grow your organic search traffic.

For more information visit https://www.portal.ventures/PPW

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Special Offer from Portal VenturesExclusive For Attendees of the Property Portal Watch Conference VIRTUAL EDITION

Special Consulting Offer from Portal Ventures

a 30Min free strategy session

a live webinar (more details to come)

Offer ends October 31, 2020

Interview with Mike van der Heijden, CEO at Portal Ventures – How to Grow Organic SEO Traffic

Getting your SEO strategy right is critical for any portal or marketplace. More often than not, SEO is internally managed with sub-optimal results. Portal Ventures works with portals and marketplaces around the world to implement the right SEO strategy that will differentiate them from their competitors and drive high levels of low-cost traffic to their site. 

In this interview, Simon Baker from Online Marketplaces discusses with Mike van der Heijden, the CEO of Portal Ventures, how they work with marketplaces to aggressively grow their traffic.

Links: www.portal.ventures

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