Building Marketplaces in Challenging Times Webinar Series

Episode 5 – Two individual Panel Discussions about Classifieds and Marketplaces in a Post CoVid-19 World

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This webinar was sponsored by :

Episode 5 of the interactive webinar series “Building Marketplaces in Challenging Times” is brought to you by Online Marketplaces Group. 

Many countries are now coming out of lockdown and as they do, opportunities are being created to fundamentally change how marketplaces operate.

Three industry experts from the Asia Pacific region, Europe and the US discuss:

– the impact of the coronavirus on their markets

– the changes that have occurred

– are these changes permanent

– what the future looks like for online marketplaces.

Join Malcolm Myers (European Internet Ventures), Brian Boero (1000watt Consulting) and, Mostyn Goodwin (OCC Strategy), Georg Chmiel (Juwai IQI), Shaun di Gregorio (Frontier Digital Ventures), Brennan Campbell (FazWaz) as they discuss these issues (and much more).

The session was hosted by Simon Baker, the Founder of the Online Marketplaces Group.


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Shaun di Gregorio | Malcolm MyersBrian BoreoMostyn GoodwinGeorg ChmielBrennan Campbell

Shaun di Gregorio - CEO of Frontier Digital Ventures
Brennan Campbell - CEO of FazWaz
Mostyn Goodwin - Partner at OC&C Strategy
Brian Boreo - CEO of 1000WATT)
Malcolm Myers - CEO of European Internet Ventures
Georg Chmiel - Executive Chairman of Juwai IQI

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